Are Uber Drivers Self-Employed UK?

19 April 2021

In a world of self-employment and entrepreneurs’ saturation, people require their rights. The Uber Company has recently won their stance of being workers. United Kingdom’s Supreme Court has given them the respective status of a worker. They are not considered employees, but they are genuine workers for the Uber firm.

In other words, no. Uber drivers are not self-employed. They give their services to Uber itself. It is not a third party category application anymore. It is an entire company with many helping hands for people of the state and worldwide. It has earned a reputation based on trust and quality. Uber services are aiding thousands of people per day with their service.

The Reason Behind Denying Employment Factor In The Agreement

This is because Uber drivers have agreements upon legislation and they have no contractual based rights. One of the points the court has cleared is regarding the status of an employee, which will be judged according to their practical reality, not upon the documentation and agreements. The Uber Company itself has been given the status of a legitimate company. It has the rights for fixing wages and imposing terms and conditions regarding this. Uber has more rights and holds on its workers, that is why they are not self-employed rather they have a contract with Uber to work for them.

The Uber Drivers’ Claim

Drivers have their Uber Driver Claim UK that provides them, the right to be paid during holidays and vacations and they can receive their national minimum wage and salary according to the Uber Wage Claim. They get a few job protection rights along with the pension scheme. The Uber driver can receive up to £12,000 and the Uber drivers need not pay any tax to be in this claim

The Plus Points for Uber Drivers

Uber drivers now have a few bonus features added to their jobs. A consideration of wage and vacation appeals done and finalized by the court.

Uber Company gives its workers an opportunity and that is why they are legal workers in the eyes of the Government and the Supreme Court. They have no federal rights in the United Kingdom. However, as they are considered workers they have their human rights and rights from the Uber Company, which provide them with the authentication of their identity and vehicle authorization. They appoint drivers based on their verification and documentation, hence being Uber workers. Therefore, Uber drivers work under honest agreements.

Uber drivers have the right to deny the ride of the passenger if they have their proper reasons. Besides, Uber drivers can log into the app whenever they want and complete the number of rides they get for the day.

Other than all the rights and factors displayed and agreed upon, Uber drivers are tax-free. They do not have to pay any tax regarding their work. Due to their appeal, the Gig Workers have won their case along as well. The difference between an employee and a worker is clear now.

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